Defensin Testimonials

Defensin Testimonials

Defensin’s main ingredient, beta-1,3/1-6-D-glucan is intended as a supplement to assist the body’s immune system and lead to a healthier life.  It is not intended to diagnose or be a cure all.

Though inAltara is confident in Defensin’s benefits and we feel that we have experienced better health in our taking our product, we cannot guarantee benefits and each person will experience differing levels of benefits, each to their own condition and awareness of their body.

The testimonials below are provided by people who take Defensin and have experienced major changes in their health.  Such results cannot be considered typical nor what everyone can expect to experience.

Pam A.

In many ways, Defensin has been a Godsend for me.  For the second time, I was diagnosed with cancer in August of 2006.  This time, it was metastatic breast cancer, which had moved into my sternum bone.  My doctors tried numerous medicines, which initially kept me in remission.  Then, suddenly, my CA 27-29 numbers began to elevate.  No matter what I tried, the counts were rising by an average of 75-100 points every month for the better part of two years.

It was suggested to me to try this Defensin, in correlation with my other cancer drugs that I was taking.  The results after my first month were breathtaking to me.  After the initial month on the product, my test number actually dropped.  Since then, although the numbers go up, it is only by 5 or 10, and not the 75-100 that it use to be.

Defensin gave me back a peace of mind that I thought that I had lost.  It also gave me a new found confidence that my disease, though present, will not be stopping me from living life anytime soon.  I will be living a long and happy life, and part of that can be attributed to this wonderful product named Defensin.

John K.

I have been taking Defensin for almost four years.  Every morning I take two capsules. Since that time I have experienced the following:

1. No Flu:  Before starting with the Defensin, I would get bad Flu 3-4 times during the Flu season and would commonly lose 5-10 sick days per year.  Symptoms would include temperature, sweating, achiness, general lethargy, bronchial and sinus congestion leading to incessant intense coughing ... which, in turn, would lead to headaches. 

So far, despite exposure to people with known various degrees of Flu, I have not had a single episode of the Flu.  No Flu, no temp, no achiness, no general lethargy, no coughing and no headaches, etc! (I do not want to sound melo-dramatic ... but I think that Defensin may have saved my life: if I would continue to get the Flu --- with the terrible incessant coughing --- I believe that such coughing could have lead to me 'popping a vein' in my brain!)

For me, this alone is sufficient to justify taking Defensin for the rest of my life!! But, there is much more ...
2. blood cholesterol levels:  My cholesterol levels have been high during the past several years prior to taking Defensin; however, now they are well within the acceptable range.  In consultation with my doctor, we can not see any other factor in my life that could have lead to this result.
3)  sub-dura lumps:  I had lumps, pea-size, which were under the skin on my left forearm for at least the last 10 years or more.  These lumps are now almost gone.  The only remaining portion is some scar tissue (not surprising when such lumps were present for such a long period of time.) 

4) stronger fingernails and toe nails:  During the first several weeks of taking Defensin, my fingernails developed a light orange-ish-yellowish tint.  It was not a strong tint, but it was definitely there.  During the following several weeks the intensity of this coloration continually diminished and currently is no longer detectable and the fingernails (and toe nails) are now much stronger.  This might not be the correct way to explain it but, my "feeling" is that this was the defensin applying a cleansing process to my body --- manifested in my fingernail colorations --- which eventually cleared out whatever it was clearing out.  Was the substance(s) it was removing good or bad, or mixed?

(note from inAltara – orange to yellowish tint in the fingernails and toenails is an indication of liver problems.  Yellowish to dark amber color in the nails and the whites of the eyes can indicate Jaundice.  The appearance of the discoloration, while experiencing liver detoxification, does happen and as the liver becomes more functional through the detoxification process, the orange to yellowish tint fades away as the toxins in the body are purged more effectively by the liver.  The effect of beta-1,3/1,6-D-glucan on the liver needs further study.)

5) stronger hair:  Since taking Defensin, my hair is much stronger and healthier.  My hair is not as weak and brittle as it had been during the last several years.

6) other positive affects:  With all of the above, I am confident that Defensin is also doing some other good things to my body, which I have not yet noticed or detected.

As a result of the above testimonial, I plan to continue to take Defensin for the rest of my life.

Kent K. 

I started taking Defensin in early 2006.  I have been taking two capsules a day since then.

Before taking Defensin, I would get the typical colds and occasional Flu, along with seasonal allergies.  In the past nine years, I can recall getting a cold only once and never the Flu.  I have had only one episode of seasonal allergy and that was in traveling to Kitty Hawk in the early Spring for vacation and encountering a pollen I had not been exposed to before.  And that episode was short lived of a few days.

I had also experienced severe back pain which resulted in paralysis in the Summer 2000.  It took me about six months to walk again and I was in pain every day for several years.  I had another episode in fall of 2005 and was healing from that but still in constant pain when I started on Defensin in January 2006.  The back pain had been labeled as impingement of the sciatic nerve as a result of inflammation of muscle.  It was conjectured to have been triggered by an ulcer in the descending colon (presence of occult blood in the stool). 

Within a week of starting Defensin in January 2006, I felt a strong reduction of pain and a greater ability of movement.  Progress continued and I could actually feel the ulcer in the colon getting better.  Within a few months I was surprised to wake up pain free on a regular basis.  I had forgotten what that felt like.

Three years ago, I had one more episode of severe back pain but no paralysis.  And that last episode was short lived (a week instead of months and years).

Every morning that I wake up with no pain, I am thankful.  I feel that Defensin has played a crucial part in helping me heal and live without that kind of pain, along with doing Yoga and watching my body posture.  For the most part, in the past few years, I have been free of low back pain.

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